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The iHurt Journey

The iHurt poster was devised with a lot of enthusiasm and heart intent.

The Story

My son in law is a hair sylist, and may i add a very good one, he is also a great husband to my daughter and father to my new grandson. Whilst having my hair styled, we got to talking about the hurts in our lives and how emotional memories still hinder us.

I was at the time at Flinders Universiiy completing a Masters in Mental health project named 'Babicare'. I had finished the babcare project in record time, so asked my University Superisor Yvonne Parry if she had the capability to work on another project.. Yvonne explained her own 'hurting' experience and loved the concept and said 'YES'. I shared the concept with another young lady and she opened up her story. One after another others started sharing their stories and journey. To tell you the truth I hadn't realised something was being birth that could have so much impact.

Before we knew it we were designing yet another app. My sister Deb Carson who is a graphic artist said she would help and created the image below. Now a powerful statement with graphics to match. The app was desinged to give people courage, give them a chance to share their story and look at their own internal working model.

Unfortuantely due to lack of funding we were not able to progress. We didn't want to abandon the project we had commenced, so put it into facebook. Take time to check our facebook site out.

I have the priveledge of sharing this idea with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses in March 2015 in Canberra for a 30 minute slot.



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