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The Babicare Journey

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Wow this has been quite a journey. Starting as a Masters in Mental health project now babicare an actual app. THe app was created to support parents to support the positive emotional foundation to be established and in return create better outcomes for children. This year we are doing our homework with further evaluation of the app and its impact on the those that read it.

We have two babicare facebook sites, babicare has over 12000 followers and babicare Philippines has over 6000 followers.

I have the priveledge of being a conference speaker with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses to share Babicare in Canberra in March 2015

10/1/15 Met with Dr Kay McCauley. Monash University who is keen to work with us to see Babicare established. Dr Kay McCauley speicalities include Midwifery and Mental Health.

Dr Thane Camwell ( psychologist) is also come on board to work with our venture.

16/1/15 EMail from Australian Health and Ageing department - Canberra to let me know a meeting has been arranged to discuss the babicare app.


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