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Recovering from mental illness: Social enterprise framework



Community hubs

Our recovery model aims to help people with mental health problems to look beyond mere survival and existence. It encourages those with 'lived experience' of mental illness to move forward, set new goals and develop relationships that give their life meaning. Recovery emphasizes that while people may not have full control over their symptoms, they can have control over their lives. Recovery is about seeing beyond a person’s mental health problems, recognising and fostering their abilities, interests and dreams.


Mental illness and social attitudes to mental illness often impose limits on people experiencing ill health. Health professionals, friends and families can be overly protective or pessimistic about what someone with a mental health problem will be able to achieve. Recovery is about looking beyond those limits to help people achieve their own goals and aspirations. Recovery can be a voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. Experiences of mental illness can provide opportunities for change, reflection and discovery, finding new values, skills and interests.


The proposed recovery hubs will include 

  • Accommodation 

  • Cafe - to provide training, social inclusion and meaningful work

  • Therapy rooms

  • Art and Theatre

  • Horticulture 

  • Vocational training - cafe, horticulture, mental health peer training, warehouse, retail, food handling, farming

  • Gym

  • Farming experience









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