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Babicare is a free to download app that supports parents from conception to 2 years with a mental health focus. The babicare app links into 'Beyond Blue' and 'Raising Childrens Network' for further information to our Australian resources.

The app can be recreated or translations added to for different countries or subcultures with their own links, images and wording. 

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'iHurt' is accepting the idea that it is OK to talk about the pain individuals are experiencing. It is Ok to explore the individual's view of themselves, the world, their relationships, their self worth and the need for right relationships around them. It is also a health promotion, which attempts to empower victims to stand up for who they are, proudly and confidentially, giving hope.


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Towards recovery 

For many it can be a long journey. Our proposed community hubs keep people connected and restore much needed hope. Our hubs will be based on a social enterprise framework where profits will go back into further recovery and health promotion programs.


Staff, including peers, will have the expertise, experience and empathy to stand alongside clients at every stage of their journey, They will provide the right level of care to live an independent and fulfilling a life.


We are currently considering land and ideas to build purposeful accommodation, therapeutic centres, training and recreation. Community groups, organisations and individuals will be encouraged to be involved in aspects of the journey.


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