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Mental health is often addressed as a 'bandaid treatment' due to poor resourcing, with consumers often finding themselves in a 'revolving door' situation. Causicare was formed in 2013 as a response to the overwhelming needs of people with mental ill health and under resourcing. 


Members of our team our passionate about the mental wellbeing of people  and hold substantial years of experience working within mental health, trauma and child health and understand  the benefits of considering  'care' services from early life to adulthood.  


The Causicare team has listened extensively to consumers and carers to consider innovative holistic solutions within a preventative,  early intervention and recovery approach. Causicare has developed and developing health promotional material and a motivational and sustainable recovery step up/step down model of care which will not only give the consumer a place to recover from mental illness but also a place to find their worth. 



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