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CAUSiCARE's Projected Mental health

 Residential Centre

Establishing relationships 

Finding purpose and hope


Core Features

  • Step-down/step up Wellbeing and Accommodation Centre

  • Motivational Framework

  • Open door policy through café and on-site mental health workers 10am-8pm

  • Social inclusion through community engagement 

  • Training and work opportunities

  • Collaboration with GP’s, primary health networks, carers and consumers. 

  • Promotion of a healthy work environment, supporting work life balance

  • Workforce co-operative where participants contribute to on-site work opportunities (training and support).

  • Community education and guidance for employers to support employees with mental ill health 

  • Small industry 

  • Community & Business partnerships


Corporate Support

We are looking for sponsors for our exciting projects. If you would like to partner with us please feel free to contact us or donate through the donate button.

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