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It has been recognized that early intervention and implementation reduces negative mental health and physical impact and that different human developmental stages require different responses. Literature confirms that parent/child attachment is a key to positive relationships and positive internal working model. Negative behaviors lead to poor positive brain patterns and internal working model (Geary, 2009 pg 23).


The Australian Department of Health acknowledges ‘the best chance of preventing mental disorders or providing early intervention to minimize the impact of mental illness across the lifetime is during childhood’ (DeptofHealth, 2011).


Strategic outcome indicators have been established for priorities, including ‘improved family functioning and parenting skills’ (TheDepartmentofHealth, 2002). Strategic indicators have been developed which include monitoring family factors. Increased early detection of mental health problems, increased community education and evidence based programs related to promotion, prevention and early intervention (TheDepartmentofHealth, 2002) . 


Causicare is working towards these goals.



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But what about those that haven't had the privilege of a healthy family upbringing or make choices due to the prevelant use of drugs in our society or are simply to cover up the pain they feel within. What about those who have become a part of our significant drug culture and can't find a way out?


There is no single definition of the concept of recovery for people with mental health problems, but the guiding principle is hope – the belief that it is possible for someone to regain a meaningful life, despite mental disorders. Recovery can be referred to as a process, outlook, vision, and conceptual framework of guiding principles.  


Causicare is about restoring hope to those who lost it. It is about giving a fresh start within a supportive environment. It is about early intervention and prevention and health promotion which works.


Babicare has been built with this purpose. A preventative and early intervention tool for parents.

iHurt addresses the emotional internal pains people suffer through maladaptation and dysfunction.


Please feel free to contact us or donate online if would like to support our venture. We can provide an invoice so you can claim as tax deductable donation.


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