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The Babicare project


  • Aims to promote and support natural parent/infant attachment. 

  • Designed to support parents in their exploration of parenting and understanding baby's emotional, social and physical needs.

  • Supports parents' exploration of their own changing relationship. 

  • Provides links/referral pathways.

  • Easy to navigate, appealling and accessible.




  • Improve parent/infant attachment and in turn improve outcomes for children.

  • To be able to reproduce the babicare application for different languages and different cultural contexts.

  • To extend the application to include surveys for research.


Features include:


  • Weekly information updates and pictures of your growing baby throughout pregnancy.

  • English and Mandarin app content translation.

  • Social, emotional and physical milestones of baby from birth till 2 years.

  • Play activities to promote positive relationships after birth to 2 years.

  • The babicare app includes a journal and photo tab as a lasting memory.

The Babicare app is a non-commercial app and has been designed to link into local non commercial evidence based resources to support government initiatives for best outcomes for babies and their parents. Different languages can be incorporated into the app with individual links into web based resources to compliment individual counties needs. Please enquire if there is any interest. 







  • Support/programs through family, ACT therapy and life coaching. 

  • Infant and parent mental health focused babicare website for parents from pregnancy till their child is two years old. Further research is currently being conducted to validate the use and viablity of the app. The app links into Australian services and websites and can be easily translated for other cultures and nations. Two face book sites 'babicare' and 'babicare Philippines' is also available.


  • Health promotion as an early intervention approach - "Ihurt- it is OK to say Ihurt" Facebook site. To help users begin to process the pain through bullying and trauma. 


  • Causicare's Recovery accommodation centre is both contempary and evidence based. It aims to support individuals, 18 -60 years to look beyond mere survival and existence. The Recovery Centre encourages those with lived experience of mental ill health to move forward, set new goals and develop relationships that give life meaning. Causicare's model of care expects to maximise the quality of of a consumers life with an aim for the consumer to live independently including meaningful vocation. 

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