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Causicare is a registered Australian charity.


New solutions 

Our vision ia to create innovative and sustainable practiceswhich will reduce stress on the current mental health sector. 


Current pursuits include


The use of multimedia to connect including software apps and social media.


A Step up/down motivational accommodation centre based on social enterprise concepts





















Helen Mack

RN, B.A. MANurs(MntHlth) Pdip (Paed, Youth Comm, Nurs)

Hi I'm the CEO and founder of Causicare. I have had an estensive history career in child and youth health and mental health and I am passionate about optimal wellbeing for people. Causicare  is developing innovative solutions in prevention, early intevention and sustainable recovery within the mental health sphere. If you have ideas of your own please feel free to share with us by email. We would love to hear from you. 

Jen Agesa

I'm delighted to be in this supportive role of Vice President and Director of Therapeutic Services for ' Causicare'.


I have worked as a Counsellor/Family Therapist for over ten years with a particular interest in holistic wellbeing. I'm excited to join with this vision where I see a total therapeutic atmosphere being provided to the participants that we care for. 


We expect our vision will not only see lasting transformations in the individuals and their families lives but the whole community will be positively impacted by the services we provide.

Whats currently happening

Sept 22, 2016

We are busy networking, considering funding opportunities and looking at different properties we think would suit causicare's purposes. Please send us a line if you are interested in keeping up to date, or join our Causicare facebook site

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Community hubs
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