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What does Causicare do?






A spring of water that brings life to a dry and dusty land.  Caring for our and future generations.


Community hubs

Just because I care

Causicare is currently pursuing innovative sustainable solutions for prevention, early intervention and recovery for optimal mental wellbeing.


We believe, with the right approach change is possible!






The right of every individual to be in control of their own lives and be treated
as equals.



We take the time to understand the needs of those we work with & respond accordingly



We are ethical in our relationships, esteeming honesty, transparency, openeness & trustworthiness


Human Dignity:  

All people despite any differences will be treated equally. Person centred care & empowerment are at the core of this value.  People are never owned or treated as recipients of aid.



Partnership with consumers, carers, service providers and the community.. 



We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the best mental health outcomes.




Provision of innovative holistic sustainable solutions for mental health prevention, early intervention and recovery which embrace individuality and uniqueness, encourage hope whilst promoting self-worth and wellbeing. 

It is expected solutions developed for sustainable practice and innovation in the health care sector will reduce stress on the current mental health sector.
individual support for those with a mental health diagnosis.
We have several options of support for individuals including ACT Therapy, Family therapy, Life coaching and individual support. Our staff include qualified counsellors, Life coaches, experienced mental health workers and a Credentialed Mental Heath Nurse. 

ihurt supports the notion 'it is Ok to say Ihurt" as a starting point to recognising and encouaging people to talk about their hurts and get help rather than self destruct in behavioural pursuits.
We currently have
  • facebook page
  • prototype for an app on bullying.
Causicare Mental health Recovery hubs and Residential Centres (a work in progress)  will provide an innovative model of care. the centres will be based on. person-centred principles, recovery concepts, social inclusion principles, community participation, purpose, and hope. They go beyond survival and existence to moving forward; to discover purpose, set new goals including developing relationships which give meaning to life.
Our community hubs will be based on a social enterprise framework to improve the individulal's sense of control, personal empowerment and quality of life. 
The recovery process:
  • Believes in person centred holistic recovery
  • Believes in optimal wellbeing for those with mental illness
  • Calls for optimism and commitment from all concerned 
  • Believes in integration with community and establishes hope for the future
We are currently
  • Networking with the wider community re our plan
  • Have developed an innovative model of care with complimentingl clincal goverance and business plan
  • Mentioned in the local 20 year local council ( Meander Valley, Tasmania) developmental plan
  • Pursuing initial start up funding
  • Considering potential properties




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